Whats it like to retire abroad uob joint account de.ath

Whats it like to retire abroad uob joint account de.ath
I have lived in Chiang Mai for the past eleven years and will probably live here the rt of my life. My reason for residing here is quite simply finance, cultural enrichment, physical beauty, and the need to communicate in English. The requirements for obtaining a retirement visa are one must be at least 50 years of age, have 800, 000 baht $22,535 deposited in a Thai bank or 65,000 $1,831 baht monthly inme or a combination of both. If it is a husband and wife, double that amount. This inme statement or bank deposit must be submitted three months in advance, a local poce report saying that you have no recent criminal record, and a doctors certificate stating that you are in reasonable health. Please check with your local Thai co.nsulate before you make a commitment because the rules always change. Of course you can use a 60 day tourist visa to check out the country for yourself before making a commitment. I highly recommend this method. Throughout this article I will be mentioning Thai baht so the co.nversion is 35 baht to the American dollar My Social Security from America and Canada comes to a little more than a $1,000 per month. If I lived in San Francisco my last residence in America that $1,000 would barely cover the rent and nothing left over for food, clothing, and other essentials. Here in Thailand that $1,000 allows my wife and me to live very well. I bought my co.ndominium when I moved here in 2005. That is when the Thai baht was worth 41 Thai baht to the dollar. I pai.d 1,400,000 baht $34,146 USD. The co.ndominium is 45 sq. meters and was fully furnished. This is one of the first class co.ndominiums in Chiang Mai. In this co.ndo there are two swimming pools, a huge gym, a small mom and pop essentials store, 24 hour security, 24 hour help desk, a laundry, massage parlor, two rtaurants, and many services such as travel agents, lawyers, clothing stores, and free underground parking. My UOB bank is right across the street, there are at least 20 good rtaurants within a 3 square block area. The Central Shopping Center is three blocks from my abode. A new mall just opened one block from the co.ndo called Maya. Eating is my biggt expense. Since I had throat cancer, I cannot eat most Thai food. One hot pepper in a dish was set my mouth on fire. If one can eat Thai food, your food bill will be cut by more than 60pc. Let me give you an example. terday for breakfast we ate at hom.e my wife and I had fruit and cereal, coffee, and toast and the cost came to about 100 baht. For lunch, we went to Perns rtaurant and had spaghetti with salmon in a light cream sauce, mushroom done in a garlic brown sauce, a large shrimp salad, and bottled water. This came to about 300 baht. For supper, we cooked at hom.e and had mashed potatoes and gravy, grilled chicken wings and legs, a salad, pineapple, and two glasses of wine. We figured this came to about 250 baht. All in all, we spend about Bht 600 per day. 600 times 30 equal 18,000 baht $507.04 per month for food. Im not sure but I heard that Time magazine did a survey and found that Chiang Mai had the largt amount of foreign rtaurants per capita in the world. Some of the other expenses I experience monthly are 1,000 baht maintenance fee for the co.ndo, 1,000 baht for electricity mostly for A/C, 300 baht for cable TV four English movie channels, five news channels in English, water 250 baht, high speed internet 950 baht, and about 2,000 baht for gasoline for the car. If you rent, add 5,000 baht and subtract 1,000 baht for maintenance. The total comes to about 23,500 baht per month for everything. I get 32,000 baht every month. I love it. Some extras that I would like to include here are two hour oil massages 350 baht, haircut 100 baht, and manicure and pedicure together 300 baht. Getting away from mon. ey, now lets take on cultural enrichment. Thailand wasnt called the land of smiles for nothing. Most of the people you meet on the street will greet you with a big smile if you at least acknowledge them. There are dozens of art galleries throughout the city. We have a Philharmonic, ballet, four major universities, an American library, numerous Thai cultural events throughout the city, and many coffee shops where one can engage the Thai or foreign people in co.nversation in this city. There are at least a hundred temples within Chiang Mai. From my balco.ny on the ninth floor, I can view the Doi Suthep Temple atop the lush green mountain. I have moved from the co.ndo to a new two bedroom house about 15 km. from my co.ndo. I had to put the house in my wifes name. A foreigner cannot purase land in Thailand. You can buy a co.ndo or a Townhouse. Many of the small towns outside of the large cities there will be a huge communication problem. Phetchabun, where my wife comes from, is a medium sized city but has very few forei

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