WIEF #iEmPOWER Webinar: Developing A Digital Mind Map For Selling

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Increasing online sales is the most critical goal for most businesses thanks to the expansion of digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Lazada. Having opportunities to help surge sales could mean the difference between survival and failure. Understanding psychological principles and consumer behaviourism is a strategic approach to boost sales. A good example is to align the way shoppers subconsciously think with what they want and need. By studying how online shoppers search, browse and shop can help entrepreneurs present their products in a way that will guarantee repeat sales. Thus, they need to know the basics of psychology of online shopping and how it differs from physical store shopping decision-making.

The session explored:
• Key factors influencing consumer buying behaviour.
• Adapt your existing business strategy to re-emerge stronger than ever by
using a mind map.
• Short-term and long-term digital marketing tactics to consider.
• Tools you’ll want to have to increase your efficiency and ROI.
• How customer behaviour changes due to COVID-19 outbreak even after the
crisis is over.
• Strategies that you can and should put into place to market successfully in
a post-pandemic period

Andrea Chow
Founder, Global Circles Academy, Malaysia

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