World of Zwift: Season 2, Episode 6

This week on the World of Zwift we head to Jacksonville, Florida to chat to pro rider Shayna Powless, Matt Stephens chats about the ZRL Premier Division, Nathan Guerra gives us one simple trick to master the Team Time Trial, The Feed Zone features a minty community suggestion, OJ goes Badge Hunting with L’Equipe Provence, A to Zwift is back, Carlee Taylor takes us on her recon of Greatest London Flat, and we have an exciting brand new feature.

Shayna Powless:
Zwift Powerup Cycling Podcast:
L’Equipe Provence Badge Hunter Series:
Aero Army WYN TT Series:

Start 0:00
This Week In The World Of Zwift: 01:10
A to Zwift: 03:23
Badge Hunters: 06:02
For Whom The Dave Towles: 06:50
Men’s ZRL highlights: 07:18
Women’s ZRL highlights: 08:50
Matt Stephens: 10:14
Nathan Guerra: 14:25
The Feed Zone: 18:22
Shayna Powless: 20:52
Carlee Taylor Rider Recon: 24:50

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8 thoughts on “World of Zwift: Season 2, Episode 6

  1. Nice one OJ! You never let us down. I feel like you’ve been tortured enough, and you deserve a treat. Have you tried Cliff Bars? I think you’ll enjoy that. Ride On 👍

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