WORST Tourist Traps in BERLIN & Better Alternatives

Traveling to Berlin? These are the Worst Tourist Traps and Scams that you need to avoid on your next Berlin trip. Find out what to do instead to avoid the crowds, not get ripped off and get a more local & authentic Berlin experience.


Free app for the Bus 100 (audio guide)

Bikini Mall

Airfield Johannistal


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34 thoughts on “WORST Tourist Traps in BERLIN & Better Alternatives

  1. lol like the mirror flex at potsdamer platz
    Side note "bier und buletten" at the TV tower is always a win for the friends visiting but true it isn't cheap.

  2. bruhh, I'm coming to Berlin soon, will you please take me and my friends to the Matrix club pls, thx!

  3. The worst tourst trap that I've been to in Berlin was the Checkpoint Charlie and the Cold War Museum there.

    Also, I've never heard of the Airfield Johannistal, but it looks so cool. I've been to Tempelhof Airport last summer, and it was cool as hell (but of course, very strange and somewhat dystopian, but in a good way 😀). I'll never forget that while I was Tempelhof Airport, there was one lone man selling coffee and beer in his vendor cart there, and he was playing a saxophone for himself. He was so separated from all humans by 500 meters, I think. It was surely a surreal sight.

    By the way, from Tempelhof Airport, you can walk to the most famous fast food restaurant in Berlin – Mustafa's Gemuse and Doner, which is pretty good food that's cheap.

  4. If I ever get out of poverty, I would take a trip German to go see places were WW2 was fought! I'm 33 with 3 children/teens so at this rate I will be in my 80s before I could ever come especially now with this virus changing the world & turning my life upside down since march & we are stuck in a small town!

  5. good to see you producing quality videos, I now have some ideas to take my daughters, wow I am glad I went to Toffelberg before when it was free and you could go to the tower. Na Ja geht so

  6. Serious video, so then serious question:
    Do you see any negative trends in how Berlin is being evolved? (e.g. something become overpriced, or too many emigrants or city is losing its originality… whatever)

  7. I have not fall for none of these tourist traps during my stay in Berlin, but thanks for this incredible video!

  8. He is right. I'm glad we avoided all those spots. The East Gallery was my favorite thing in Berlin and free.

  9. We need a radical living party in Berlin, so we can come visit you haha. Love ur videos brother, keep it up.

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