29 thoughts on “Yoo Jae Suk Jokes About Lee Kwang Soo Should Do To Catch Up To Jung Hae In – Running Man

  1. Kwang Soo drama have better ratings anyway lol. and seriously i respect KS more the guy worked his ass to be where he is right now, the other guy is the typcal handsome guy who get all easy only by his looks.

  2. wtf I know that this comment was late in the debate but what do you mean that kwang soo is not handsome, I mean do you see him in person? He is totally hotter and more handsome than he is in tv. Believe me and I know that people who see him in personal will agree too in my opinion.

  3. Everyone has a chance to be popular. Where is the manner they always compare lee kwang soo to other. I think do not always mention what they have done because every celebrity have a chance to be a star or super star but being legend is never die. 😊

  4. I love him and will support whichever path he takes. 💕💕💕 Lee Kwang Soo puts his best at what ever he does. 라이브 was the best drama I have seen. It’s different and definitely unforgettable.

  5. Who is Jung Hae In in front of kwang soo. I dont even like Song joong ki when it comes to comparing with Kwang soo. Fighting kwang soo oppa.

  6. Kwang Soo is overated ugly piece of shit. Nowhere near Jung Hae In level. Kwang soo shold quit act because he's untalented. He should just stay at Runningman doing his stupid yelling joke with the rest of his stupid cast

  7. I enjoyed hae in in prison playbook, But kwangsoos drama live is the better show and has the better ratings, the other drama is your typical pretty boy pretty girl drama it's just not my cup of tea

  8. "It's a good thing the you know that, Park bo gum and Jung Hae In have their own path, while Kwang soo is walking my path." Chill on my spine! Jae Suk know that Kwang Soo will success in his career like him!

  9. the only kdrama im watching atm is live. all the other ones out are not that good. should watch live. its much better then i thought kwangsoo also plays a different kind of role then i expected.

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